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    • Visitor Use Management Tools to Improve Visitor Experiences

    • Podcast; Human Dimensions;
    • In this podcast, we’ll explore the basic principles and strategies of visitor use management, and the simple, accessible tools-you-can-use to effectively tackle projects involving visitor use of protected areas. Learn from Jennifer Reed, our...
    • 2017-07-28
    • PlayCleanGo: A behavior change campaign that works

    • Invasive species; Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • Susan Burks, from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, joins us to discuss her work to prevent the spread of invasive species through a program called PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species In Your Tracks. Developed in partnership with the US...
    • 2017-03-13
    • Building Visitor Centers, Building Relationships

    • Visitor services; Buildings, facilities and structures; Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • In 2012, Desert National Wildlife Refuge Complex began designing and building visitor centers for Desert, Ash Meadows, and Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuges. Larger efforts were underway to restore relationships and build partnerships with the...
    • 2016-07-28
    • A Facilitator's Best Practices

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Facilitation has been called "a state of mind and a set of skills." When you step into the role of facilitator, your primary focus shifts from the "what" to the "how" as you take on some new responsibilities for group's communication. Explore the...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation 3 Assessment

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Learn more about the methodology of evaluation and the importance of validity, usefulness, feasibility and distribution. Discover what criteria to use in rating an evaluation plan with Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Instructor, Partnership and Community...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation 4 Incredibly Practical Tips

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Practical Tips with Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Instructor, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy, provides useful insights on evaluation capacity building through internal and/or third-party evaluation expertise. Contact: Partnership and...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation 1 Introduction Interplay

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Explore an evaluator’s insights into Wicked Problems and the Theory of Change with Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Instructor, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Lean how to apply these evaluation concepts to the goals and objectives of...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Evaluating Partnerships in Conservation 2 Logic Models

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Review how logic models are used as evaluation planning, implementation, and assessment tools for conservation with Matthew Birnbaum, Ph.D., Instructor, Partnership and Community Collaboration Academy. Contact: Partnership and Community...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Ladder of Inference

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • The Ladder of Inference helps us recognize how our perceptions and assumptions can affect our beliefs and actions. It reminds us to pause and check in, make our assumptions explicit, and take the time to explore everyone else's. The Ladder of...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 - Part 1 and 2

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Public service requires public input. This overview of the Paperwork Reduction Act provides a framework for working with your agency’s Information Collection Officer and OMB to find or collect the information needed to support a federal...
    • 2015-10-15
    • Persuasive Communication for Behavior Change

    • Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • Learn some tips for using persuasive communication to influence conservation behavior. In this podcast, we'll hear from Dr. Shawn Davis, professor of communication at Northern Michigan University and Ms. Lori Brown-Large of Action Research,...
    • 2015-09-29
    • Identifying and Engaging Stakeholders

    • Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • Who are stakeholders? Why do you need to know? In this podcast, Dr. Katie Steiger-Meister, Senior Public Affairs Specialist with the USFWS Midwest Office of External Affairs, talks about the importance of and tools for stakeholder identification...
    • 2015-09-29
    • New Human Dimensions Resource Website for U.S. FWS

    • Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • We've recently released the Human Dimensions Resource Portal ( This site for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service employees provides access to human dimensions tools and resources applicable to conservation work and has...
    • 2015-09-22
    • Human-Wildlife Interactions: Coexisting with Key Deer

    • Endangered species; Podcast; Human Dimensions; Podcast;
    • Human-wildlife interactions can create obstacles for wildlife conservation efforts. In this podcast we’ll hear from Nancy Finley, manager of the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuge Complex, and Dave Case from D.J. Case & Associates, about the...
    • 2015-05-20
    • Deconstructing Other and Recreating We

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Obstacles to effective collaboration sometimes show up before we even begin to work together. Those obstacles are often based on our implicit, sometimes unconscious assumptions, and biases. Learn how to use observation, active listening,...
    • 2015-01-15
    • Building Action Agendas for Better Collaboration

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • An Action Agenda provides a visual script to get your players across the stage in achieving the goals of collaboration. Understand how to translate individual task and time commitments into an overall budget and cost-benefit analysis of a...
    • 2015-01-15
    • Collaboration Decision Space

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Mapping the decision-making space early in the formation of a collaborative helps manage expectations, define roles, and inform the scope and scale of community collaboration. Learn more about how to define the decision-making space of a...
    • 2015-01-15
    • Formal Agreements

    • Managing By Network; Podcast;
    • Explore the process and practices associated with federal partnership agreements and how to build an internal network of support. Learn about how to align federal practices with the decision-makers of partners with Liz Madison, Director,...
    • 2015-01-15


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