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    • Loggerhead Shrike

    • Loggerhead Shrike
    • animal; aves; Birds; Birds;California; Migratory birds; passerine; Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge
    • For more information on passerines visit:
    • Barn swallow

    • Barn swallow
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; California; Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge; passerines; Migratory birds
    • The barn swallow summer range is throughout most of North America. Easily identified from other swallows, the barn swallow has a long forked tail and a buffy-orange colored chest.
    • House finch

    • House finch
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; California; Tule National Wildlife Refuge; passerine;Migratory birds; perching Birds
    • A small sparrow-sized bird that prefers orchards, deserts and coastal valleys as well as suburban areas.
    • Red-breasted nuthatch

    • Red-breasted nuthatch
    • animals; aves;Birds; Birds; Deschutes National Forests; Oregon
    • Found throughout the United States now, the red-breasted nuthatch has expanded its range southward. Gives a call that sounds high pitched and is said to be similar to a toy tin horn.
    • Lewis' woopecker

    • Lewis' woopecker
    • animals;aves; Birds; Birds; Deschutes National Forests; Oregon
    • Lewis' woodpecker is found primarily in the west, and rarely on the coast. It eats insects, mostly caught in the air, fruits and nuts. Lewis' woodpecker also shells and stores acorns in the bark of trees.
    • Clark's Nutcracker

    • Clark's Nutcracker
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; Deschutes National Forests;Oregon; passerines;
    • Clark's nutcracker feeds on conifer seeds year-round; also insects and spiders, small animals, and has been known to occasionally feed on carrion. Its long, sharp, beak enables it to open pine cones and forage for insects. For more information on...
    • White-headed woodpecker

    • White-headed woodpecker
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; Deshutes National Forests; Oregon;
    • The white-headed woodpecker is often hard to locate, it rarely drums or taps as other woodpeckers are known to do. It is a silent woodpecker that only vocalizes around its nest. Living primarily around ponderosa pine and fir trees at higher...
    • Red crossbill

    • Red crossbill
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; Deshutes National Forests; Oregon; Migratory birds
    • Red crossbills have specialized beaks that enable them to open pine cones and feed on the seeds. It inhabits coniferous forests and is a nomadic feeder as it moves across wide ranges throughout the United States.
    • Western tanager

    • Western tanager
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; Deshutes National Forests; Oregon; passerines; neotropical migrant; Migratory birds
    • First recorded on the Lewis and Clark expedition (1803-1806), the Western tanager prefers open forested areas at low elevations. The male has a vivid colored red head, bright yellow body with striking black wings and tail.
    • Mallard ducks in a Wetland

    • Mallard ducks in a Wetland
    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; duck;ducks;Waterfowl; New Jersey
    • Adult male in alternate plumage is unmistakable. Females, immature and eclipse-plumage males could be confused with Black Ducks, Gadwalls and Mottled Ducks, but note the blue speculum with white borders on both sides. Gadwalls are also distinctive...
    • American Black Duck

    • American Black Duck
    • Animals;Aves; Birds; Birds; Duck;Waterfowl; New Jersey
    • Both sexes of the American Black Duck have almost identical plumage. The body is a dark brown color, the crown is a lighter brown on the neck and head, with a dark stripe through the eye. In flight, the white wing linings can be seen in contrast...
    • Mute Swan

    • Mute Swan
    • Animals; aves; Birds; Birds; exotic; invasive ;New Jersey
    • Mute swans are among the most beautiful of the seven swan species in the world. They have little or no fear of humans, they are easily observable and provide opportunities for people to come in close contact with wildlife. The young have a dusky...
    • Yellow-Rumped Warbler

    • Yellow-Rumped Warbler
    • Birds; Birds; Migratory birds;
    • The male Yellow-rumped Warbler is quite distinctive with its yellow patches at the sides of the breast and black upper breast. Females and immatures are less colorful and more difficult to identify. The often obvious yellow rump is brighter than...
    • Alerta Comprador Caribe

    • Alerta Comprador Caribe
    • Document;
    • This is a brochure with Spanish text warning travellers to the Caribbean to be watchful of what purchases they make, as certain animal products require permits or are directly illegal to transport internationally under Convention on International...


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