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    • Oil spill curriculum

    • Oil spills; Shorebirds; Wildlife refuges;
    • The Shorebird Sister Schools Program presents an activity that explores the impacts of the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Oil Spill on coastal birds and the work of many dedicated professionals helping in species recovery, with a focus on career...
    • Karner Blue-A Butterfly Captivates Wisconsin

    • 8 Karner Blue – A Butterfly Captivates Wisconsin “ Instead of hearing, ‘ I don’t have that butterfly on my property,’ I hear, ‘ How can I get some of that wild lupine seed?’ ‘ You should see the lupine patch I have going!’ or ‘...
    • California condor "General"

    • History; Endangered species; Birds; Birds of prey; Perching birds;
    • "General", William Finley's pet condor at his home in Oregon known as Jennings Lodge. "He loved to sit, with wings spread wide to the sun and watching life on the river. Almost daily a turkey-vulture sailed overhead, turning to look at him, not...
    • Food from the sea: fish and shellfish of New England.

    • History; Aquatic environments; Fishes; Fisheries management; Fishing; Commercial fishing; Overfishing;
    • "In New England, the specific job is to spread consumption more uniformly over the nearly 80 species of fish and shellfish that are brought, into local ports each year. Production records 'of the fishing industry show a serious lack of...
    • Catbird

    • Birds;
    • A catbird, known for its calls that sound like a cat's meow, is photographed perching on a branch.
    • Pink Lady's Slipper

    • Flowering plants; Plants;
    • A close view of an unopened, pink moccasin flower commonly known as Pink Lady's Slipper.
    • Bamboo Grass

    • Grasses; Invasive species;
    • A close view of the invasive plant known as Bamboo Grass.
    • Giant Arrowhead

    • Flowering plants; Invasive species;
    • A close view of the invasive plant known as Old World Arrowhead or Giant Arrowhead.
    • Trout lily

    • Flowering plants; Plants;
    • A close view three yellow trout lily flowers. This plant is also known as the dogtooth violet.
    • Hydrilla

    • Aquatic plants; Invasive species;
    • A close-up of the aquatic invasive plant known as Hydrilla laid over a person's hand in Boulware Springs, Florida.
    • Dodecatheon meadia

    • Flowering plants; Plants;
    • A close-up view of a Dodecatheon meadia, commonly known as shooting star.
    • Fisher

    • Mammals; Wildlife viewing;
    • A fisher is photographed at night while trying to take bait. Fishers are opportunistic predators that hunt exclusively in forested habitats where prey is abundant and vulnerable to capture. Their diverse diet includes birds, porcupines, snowshoe...
    • Gray wolf release

    • Endangered species; Mammals; Monitoring; Wildlife management;
    • A gray wolf fitted with a radio collar is released into the wild. The gray wolf or Canis lupus, often known simply as the wolf, is the largest extant wild member of the Canidae family. Though once abundant over much of Eurasia, North Africa and...
    • Marsh hawk

    • Birds; Birds of prey;
    • A marsh hawk, also known also as a hen harrier, uses an upright log for a perch.
    • Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly

    • Insects;
    • A Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly rests on a rock. The Mt. Charleston blue butterfly is a distinctive subspecies of the wider ranging Shasta blue butterfly, a member of the Lycaenidae family. The subspecies is known only to occur at high elevations...


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