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    • Private Stewardship Grants

    • 19 Private Stewardship Grants What are the benefits? For the landowner: Allows private landowners to submit project proposals directly to the Fish and Wildlife Service and offers a low cost- share ratio to assist landowners in...
    • A One-on-One Relationship with Private Landowners

    • 20 A One- on- One Relationship with Private Landowners Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program What is the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program? Through voluntary agreements the Partners program provides expert technical assistance and cost- share...
    • A Texas Rancher Who Became a Believer

    • 6 A Texas Cattle Rancher Who “ Became a Believer” “ We’re just ‘ wildlifing’ it all over the place, and we’re happy to do it,” Bob Long said. Long is enhancing habitat on his 550- acre property to benefit the Houston toad, an...
    • Safe Harbor Agreements

    • 7 Environmental Defense, a nonprofit organization, was the key in reaching out to Long and provided funding for biologists to conduct population surveys for the toad on his property. Long is helping Environmental Defense and the Service promote...
    • Karner Blue-A Butterfly Captivates Wisconsin

    • 8 Karner Blue – A Butterfly Captivates Wisconsin “ Instead of hearing, ‘ I don’t have that butterfly on my property,’ I hear, ‘ How can I get some of that wild lupine seed?’ ‘ You should see the lupine patch I have going!’ or ‘...
    • Fanshell mussel

    • Endangered species; Mollusks;
    • A closeup view of a fanshell mussel found in the Ohio River near Williamstown, WV. On June 21, 1990 the fanshell was designated as endangered throughout its entire range in Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and West...
    • Dead loggerhead sea turtle embryo

    • Erosion; Wildlife impacts; Wildlife refuges;
    • A dead loggerhead sea turtle embryo from a nest that was overwashed by erosion on Cape Island at Cape Romain Refuge, SC.
    • Western Grebe

    • History; Historic sites; Habitat conservation; Birds; Migratory birds; Photography; Wildlife refuges; Waterfowl;
    • A dramatic presentation by Finley and Bohlman of a dead Western Grebe in front of its young, notice the red coloring at the neck of the Grebe. Finley and Bohlman were out the end the feather hunting that was destroying habitats of birds, especially...
    • Mississippi: Feral hog at Steen Cabin

    • Floods; Natural disasters; Wildlife refuges; Mammals;
    • A feral hog clings to an air conditioning unit on May 16 behind Steen Cabin, a temporary residence for interns, students and others at Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge near Yazoo City, Mississippi. At the same time, a coyote was standing on a...
    • Fisher

    • Mammals; Wildlife viewing;
    • A fisher is photographed at night while trying to take bait. Fishers are opportunistic predators that hunt exclusively in forested habitats where prey is abundant and vulnerable to capture. Their diverse diet includes birds, porcupines, snowshoe...
    • Birds in flight at Malheur lake

    • History; Habitat conservation; Birds; Lakes; Photography; Wildlife refuges;
    • A hand painted glass slide by Finley and Bohlman of birds in flight at Malhuer lake in 1908. Finley and Bohlman's photography of the area would help protect these birds from plume hunters in 1908 when the area was named a bird refuge.
    • Tufted puffin

    • History; Birds; Migratory birds; Marine birds; Wildlife refuges; Photography;
    • A hand painted glass slide of a tufted puffin taken by Finley and Bohlman at Three Arch Rocks during a 1903 vist. Three Arch Rocks would later become the west coast first bird refuge in 1907. Under the Model Bird Law Finley was able to end sea bird...
    • Kittlitz's Murrelet

    • Biologists; Marine birds; Pelagic; Alaska; Bay
    • A juvenile Kittletz's murrelet, caught on the water of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. This bird was weighed and measured during a project to examine plumage characteristics. Juvenile plumages are not well defined for Kittlitz's, there is a need to...
    • Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling

    • Aquatic animals; Marine mammals; Erosion;
    • A live loggerhead sea turtle hatchling was found near a nest that was overwashed by erosion on Cape Island at Cape Romain Refuge, SC
    • Nest site at Malheur lake

    • History; Birds; Photography; Marine environments; Wildlife refuges;
    • A nest site captured by Finley and Bohlaman in a hand painted glass slide taken at Mlaheur lake in 1908. Finley and Bohlman's photography of the area would help protect it from plume hunters in 1908 when it was declared a bird refuge.
    • California condor pair

    • History; Birds; Birds of prey; Endangered species; Photography;
    • A pair of Californian condors near their nest site in Los Angeles. This is a hand painted glass slide by Finley and Bohlman as pair of their condor series in 1906. "The female of this pair was shot by a collector in 1908, and offered for sale at...
    • Pasque flower

    • Wildlife refuges; Plants; Flowering plants; Grasses;
    • A pasque flower in the South Dakota prairie in the heart of the Dakota Grassland Conservation Area. The area – which encompasses 1.7 million acres of grassland and 240,000 acres of wetland across a swath of eastern South Dakota, North Dakota and...
    • Photographer in a boat at Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge

    • Wildlife Refuges; Landscape photography; Lakes; Ponds; Wetlands; Aquatic plants; Boats;
    • A person taking pictures at Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. The Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge was established to conserve fish and wildlife populations and habitats in their natural diversity including nesting waterfowl, other...
    • California condor

    • History; Endangered species; Birds; Birds of prey; Photography;
    • A rare action shot during the era this photograph was taken. Finley and Bohlman capture a condor in flight just before landing on a favorite old pine of the condor for perching. Part of Finley and Bohlmans 1906 hand painted glass slide series of...


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