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    • Inspectors clear legal imports and exports, and stop shipments that violate the law. They make sure that wildlife imports and exports are accompanied by the required permits and licenses, and verify that the contents of shipments match the items...
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    • Wildlife inspectors work closely with Service special agents and counterparts from the U. S. Customs Service and other Federal agencies that police international trade. They staff special enforcement task forces that conduct inspection blitzes at...
    • Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling

    • Aquatic animals; Marine mammals; Erosion;
    • A live loggerhead sea turtle hatchling was found near a nest that was overwashed by erosion on Cape Island at Cape Romain Refuge, SC
    • Black-footed ferret

    • Biologists (USFWS); Captive breeding; Employees (USFWS); Endangered species; Equipment; Human impacts; Mammals; Management; Population control; Reintroduction; Trapping; Wildlife management; Wildlife restoration;
    • Fish and Wildlife Service worker at night holding live trap with ferret inside getting ready to release into research area. For more information on the listing status and fact sheets of black-footed ferrets visit...
    • Great Horned Owl

    • Birds; Birds of prey; Education;
    • Great horned owl part of a live bird display at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Annual Fishing Derby, Hadley, MA.
    • California condor chick

    • Birds; Birds of prey; Endangered species; History;
    • This chick was named "General". It was found in a nest site near Los Angeles, California. Finley took chick home with him to Jennings Lodge. The chick became so accustomed to Finley that it did not live in a cage. Later as an adult it was sent to...
    • Snowy Owl

    • Birds; Environmental education;
    • Snowy owl at a live bird demonstration held at the USFWS Northeast Regional Office, Hadley, MA.
    • Great Horned Owl

    • Birds; Environmental education;
    • Great horned owl at a live bird demonstration held at the USFWS Northeast Regional Office, Hadley, MA.
    • Great Horned Owl

    • Birds; Environmental education;
    • Great horned owl at a live bird demonstration held at the USFWS Northeast Regional Office, Hadley, MA.
    • Murres on Sea Cliffs, Priibilof Islands

    • Birds; Marine birds; Aleutians; Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge; Pribilof Islands; St. George Island; Alaska
    • Over a million murres - both thick-billed and common live on St. George Island in the Pribilof Islands
    • Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge sign

    • Buildings, facilities and structures; Emblems; Logo; Places (Human-made); Plants; Public access; Recreation; Recreation sites; Service patch; Signs; Tourism; Vegetation; Visitor services; Wildlife refuges;
    • Planted among cacti and palms, the refuge sign beckons visitors, come play, enjoy, live a little.
    • Columbia Spotted Frog

    • Candidate; Species of concern; Amphibians; Remote sensing;
    • Columbia spotted frogs (Rana Luteiventris) are found from Alaska and most of British Columbia to Washington east of the Cascades, Idaho, and portions of Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah. Spotted frogs live in spring seeps, meadows, marshes, ponds and...
    • FWS Employee with Gopher Tortoise

    • Endangered species; Reptiles; Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge; Georgia
    • The Gopher Tortoise is one of four tortoises that live in North America. It has been estimated that the Florida population will be reduced nearly 70% by 2000 A.D. and could be eliminated from all but protected lands by 2025 A.D. A combination of...
    • Holding Room

    • Fish hatcheries; Fisheries management; Fishes; Work of the Service;
    • The holding room at Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery where the eggs will live until they hatch.
    • Sturgeon Restoration

    • Fishes; Endangered species
    • Fisheries biologists at Lamar National Fish Hatchery in Pennsylvania inspect a captive sturgeon. Sturgeons, perhaps best known for producing caviar, are an ancient species and individual fish can live for many decades. Many species of sturgeon are...
    • Hornets nest found in a western North Carolina bog

    • Insects;
    • The bog turtle is the smallest turtle in North America. The species is protected under the Endangered Species Act and faces great threats from both poaching and habitat degradation as the wetlands where they live have disappeared dramatically over...
    • Filming a Swampy Area Where Nutria Live

    • Invasive species; Interpretation; Photography; Mammals; Rodents; Work of the Service; Wildlife management; Education;
    • Filming a swampy area next to a condo building where nutria live for the USFWS and Pangolin Film's effort to create awareness surrounding the dangers of the spreading non-native nutria populations in the northwest region.
    • Turkey Vulture

    • Karney; Raptors; Birds; Scavengers
    • Small, unfeathered head and hooked bill aid these scavengers in consuming carrion. Their weak talons are ill suited for grasping live prey. Vultures do not build nests, but lay their eggs in a sheltered spot; cliff ledge or cave, hollow log, or...
    • Wood Bison

    • Mammals; Endangered species;
    • Wood bison are the largest native land mammals in the Western Hemisphere, 10 to 15% heavier than plains bison. Bulls are slightly larger than cows and average around 1,800 pounds, but can get up to 2,000 pounds. Both males and females have short...


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