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    • I think I like holding this alligator head?

    • Adults; Children; Connecting people with nature; Education; Education outreach; Environmental education; Interpretation; Leisure activities; Public access; Recreation; Teens; Vegetation; Visitor services; Wildlife refuges; Work of the Service;...
    • This boy is uncertain but happy to be this close to an alligator head, that doesn't bite.
    • Shumagins, Hall Island

    • Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge; AMNWR; Birds; Coastal environments; Islands; biology; work of the refuge;
    • Biologists head ashore to search for seabird nesting habitat
    • Western tanager

    • animals; aves; Birds; Birds; Deshutes National Forests; Oregon; passerines; neotropical migrant; Migratory birds
    • First recorded on the Lewis and Clark expedition (1803-1806), the Western tanager prefers open forested areas at low elevations. The male has a vivid colored red head, bright yellow body with striking black wings and tail.
    • Common loon

    • Aquatic birds; Birds;
    • The common loon is best known for its call and is one of the most recognizable wilderness sounds. The loon is a large bird, about 28 to 36 inches, and has a thick, pointed, black bill. In breeding plumage the loon's head and neck are black with...
    • Crocodile Ashtray

    • Artifacts; Endangered and/or Threatened species; Exhibits; Law enforcement;
    • Ashtray made out of a crocodile head on display as part of the Service's "Buyer Beware" exhibit located in Logan airport, Boston, MA. The exhibit is designed to educate travelers about the hazards of purchasing wildlife products abroad that are...
    • Male Lesser scaup

    • Birds;
    • This bird is difficult to distinguish from the greater scaup in the field. In good light, look for the purple gloss in the male's head feathers.
    • An Osprey dives quickly in pursuit of its prey.

    • Birds of prey; Raptors; Wildlife refuges; Birdwatching;
    • Ospreys have a wingspan of 4.5-6 ft. length 22-25 in. They are dark brown above, white below, have a white head with a prominent black eye stripe. Females usually have a dark spotted "necklace". This specimen was photographed at William L. Finley...
    • Brown pelican

    • Birds; Aquatic birds; Migratory birds;
    • Close-up of head and upper body, viewed from side of brown pelican.
    • Northern flicker

    • Birds; Birdwatching; Perching birds; Wildlife refuges;
    • A Northern flicker pokes its head from its nesting area before taking flight in the Deschutes National Forest located in Oregon.
    • Greater Prairie-chicken

    • Birds; Game birds;
    • Female greater prairie chicken standing in grass with head held high, looking to the side. For more information about game birds visit
    • Juvenile Red-footed Booby on Laysan Island

    • Birds; Marine birds;
    • Red-footed boobies are the smallest of all boobies. Their legs and feet are red and the bill is pale blue. Juveniles are wholly brown or blackish gray with black bill and facial skin and gray legs. Immature have patchy underwings without definite...
    • Laysan albatross

    • Birds; Marine birds;
    • Extreme close up of head shot of laysan albatross looking at camera
    • Laysan albatross colony

    • Birds; Marine birds;
    • Close up of head shot of two laysan albatrosses with rest of colony in the rear
    • Short-tailed Albatross Nesting at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge

    • Birds; Marine birds; Endangered and/or Threatened species; Islands; Wildlife refuges;
    • Short-tailed albatross nesting (middle of image) for the first time at Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge. The two decoys on either side have been used (along with others and accompanying taped bird calls) on Eastern Island for several years to...
    • Juvenile Red-footed Booby on Laysan Island

    • Birds; Marine birds; Migratory birds; Islands
    • Red-footed boobies are the smallest of all boobies. Polymorphic; few seabirds display such a variety of color phases. Their legs and feet are red. Bill is pale blue. Juveniles are wholly brown or blackish gray with black bill and facial skin. Gray...
    • Western bluebird

    • Birds; Migratory birds; Perching birds;
    • Close view of western bluebird sitting on end of dried wildflower seed head at Cabin Lake R.S. in Deschutes National Forest, Oregon. For more information about migratory birds visit
    • White American robin

    • Birds; Migratory birds; Perching birds;
    • Side view of bird standing in grass, white with some red on chest and mottling on head.


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