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    • Now that's level!

    • Adults; Buildings, facilities and structures; Emblems; Employees (USFWS); Maintenance; Personnel; Public access; Service patch; Structures; Uniforms; Visitor services; Wildlife refuges; Work of the Service;
    • Anahuac Narional Wildlife Refuge employee rebuilding the wall and taking pride in a job well done.
    • Rhino horns

    • Animal industry; Water management; Wildlife restoration; Work of the Service;
    • Rising global demand for rhino horn – both for alleged medicinal value and ornamental use – has led to an epidemic of poaching in Africa, as well as theft and illegal trade in rhino horns from museums and private collections. Illegal...
    • Zebra mussel on native mussel

    • Aquatic environments;
    • The zebra mussel was inadvertently introduced to the United States and is now spreading rapidly, impacting native fish species, as well as clogging power plant intakes. Boaters, anglers, and waterfowl hunters can help prevent further spread of...
    • Least bell's vireo at nest

    • Birds; Endangered and/or Threatened species; Birdwatching;
    • A Least Bell's Vireo brings food to her young nestled away in a well hidden nest.
    • Juvenile Red-footed Booby on Laysan Island

    • Birds; Marine birds;
    • Red-footed boobies are the smallest of all boobies. Their legs and feet are red and the bill is pale blue. Juveniles are wholly brown or blackish gray with black bill and facial skin and gray legs. Immature have patchy underwings without definite...
    • House finch

    • Birds; Migratory birds; Perching birds;
    • A small sparrow-sized bird that prefers orchards, deserts and coastal valleys as well as suburban areas.
    • Western Snowy Plover Adult Feeding

    • Birds; Shorebirds; Endangered and/or Threatened species; Coastal environments;
    • The Pacific Coast population of the western snowy plover is federally listed under the Endangered Species Act of 1973 as threatened. Threats include poor reproductive success, resulting from human disturbance, predation, and inclement weather,...
    • Common Moorhen at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge

    • Birds;Wetlands;Wildlife refuges
    • Squaw Creek NWR, Mound City, Missouri: From a trail atop the loess bluffs at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, one can see clear to tomorrow, or at least into Nebraska and Kansas as well as Missouri. Meanwhile, down on a pond, a common...
    • FWS Employee with Parrot

    • Birds;Work of the Service;Endangered and/or Threatened species
    • FWS PERSONNEL WITH EXOTIC BIRD. All exotic or wild species of parrots as well as captive-bred parrots which are listed under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) also are protected under the Wild Bird Conservation...
    • Henzel Park boating access

    • Boating; Grants; Public access;
    • Located in Klamath County, this upgrade included restroom, ramp, and boarding floats, as well as ensuring that the entire area is ADA-accessible.
    • Henzel Park boating access from a distance

    • Boating; Grants; Public access;
    • Located in Klamath County, this upgrade included restroom, ramp, and boarding floats, as well as ensuring that the entire area is ADA-accessible.
    • Laysan Island after the Tsunami

    • Coastal environments; Marine birds; Migratory birds; Tropical environments; Weather impacts; Wildlife refuges; Islands;
    • View of shoreline looking towards the National Marine Fisheries Service camp. A tsunami generated by a powerful earthquake off the coast of Japan struck Laysan island late on Thursday, March 10th and continued for the next few hours into the early...
    • Oil well pollution

    • Contaminants; Environmental quality; Equipment; Human impacts; Industries; Oil production; Oil spills; Petroleum industry; Pollutants; Soil degradation;
    • Oil well head and surrounding oil pollution on ground in Park County, Wyoming. Vertical.
    • Easy and safe capture!

    • Employees (USFWS); Endangered and/or Threatened species; Experimental Population, Non-Essential; Personnel; Resource management; Wildlife management; Wildlife refuges; Work of the Service;
    • A Red Wolf leaps forward, while biologists capture it to check on it's health and well being. A regular practice at the Alligator National Wildlife Refuge.
    • Checking oil well on Delta National Wildlife Refuge

    • Employees (USFWS); Law enforcement; Oil production; Petroleum industry; Work of the Service; Uniforms;
    • Previously entitled; "OIL WELL CHECKING ON A REFUGE." The Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 authorizes oil and gas leasing on refuge lands withdrawn from the public domain. In 1994, 35 units of the Refuge System, reported active gas.
    • Black-Tailed Deer (Doe)

    • Endangered and/or Threatened species;
    • Black-tailed deer are smaller than either mule deer or white-tailed deer.Old-growth forests are important for coastal blacktails, as the habitat provides shelter and forage, and also stops buildups of deep, heavy snow. In the southern parts of...
    • Atlantic salmon eggs

    • Endangered and/or Threatened species; Fishes;
    • Microscopic view of Atlantic salmon eggs near hatching. By March, and the onset of Spring, Atlantic salmon eggs are well developed. The head, eyes, heart, fins, vertebrae and blood vessels can be seen. Hatching produces a "sac fry" which remains in...
    • Lahonton National Fish Hatchery

    • Fish hatcheries; Fisheries management; Buildings, facilities and structures;
    • The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act enabled the USFWS to rehabilitate water well pumps for fish production at the Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex. The Lahontan National Fish Hatchery Complex was authorized in 1956 to mitigate the...
    • Mississippi: Panther Swamp, May 13

    • Floods; Natural disasters; Wildlife refuges;
    • This photo, taken May 13, shows the quarters, shop, well house, oil shed and various outbuildings in five feet of water at Panther Swamp National Wildlife Refuge near Yazoo City, Mississippi. The water overtopped a nearby levee.


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